30 years anniversary – TSR Czech Republic

TSR 1991-2021 … 30 years with you

This year is an important and jubilee year for our company. The history of TSR began in 1991 – initially a small trading company, today the largest buyer and processor of scrap iron and non-ferrous metals with plants all across the country. And this feat needs to be celebrated properly!


We appreciate your partnership. Thank you!
On this special occasion, we decided to make a new corporate video as a thank you to you, our business partners, for years of great cooperation and also to all our TSR colleagues for their good work and persistence.


Time passes
We have also celebrated the 30 years of the company in a special way – with a new sculpture made entirely from scrap metal. At our Ostrava centre, the largest processing plant in Central Europe, we raised the Tower of Babel.
Made by artistic blacksmiths Lukáš Dvorský and Marek Břuska, the 4.5 m high monument with its 30 steps symbolizes the gradual growth of our company and also the necessity of recycling for a sustainable future. Each of the successive, slowly grassing-up steps symbolizes one year of TSR’s presence on the market.
What better way to capture our progress than by time-lapse photography?


Every company has its beginnings
We have mapped our journey to the modern TSR in a photo gallery that goes through the history of our centres, as documented in the surviving chronicles of our establishments, to the present day.


Our soul is our people
We had the chance to find out how the children of our employees see our work in a TSR family competition for the best children’s drawing that was part of the company’s anniversary celebration. We wish to thank all the participants for their beautiful creations and their parents for their years of active work and love for what we do. Without our people there would be no TSR.


TSR Czech Republic s.r.o. currently operates 31 branches for the purchase and processing of scrap metal and, together with its subsidiaries Ritschny kovošrot and Metal Services and Solutions s.r.o., employs nearly 450 people.

Our sister company TSR Slovakia s.r.o. has been operating in Slovakia since 2000. Both companies are leading suppliers of scrap to European steel mills and foundries.