Collection of Metal Waste – Waste Management

More than 1150 long-term cooperating manufacturing businesses

We offer comprehensive waste management services for manufacturing businesses, primarily in the area of metal waste management. Additionally, we provide collection and removal of paper, plastic, and glass.

Our cooperation with manufacturing businesses starts with identification of the types of waste produced, proposal of their optimum sorting for your greatest financial effect, and setting up individual collections of used materials. Depending on the amount of waste produced and the set frequency of collections, we will propose and lend the optimal type(s) of containers. In all stages of cooperation, individual support by a regional salesman, consultations, and advice if necessary is a matter of course.

Container size and customised logistics solutions

Whether you produce ferrous waste, steel shavings, or non-ferrous waste (aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, lead, zinc, stainless steel, cables), we have got the right size containers and export logistics solutions right for you.

Individual scheduling of collections

with an own dispatcher

Container lending

free of charge to your plant

Possibility of placing a scale

for checking before dispatch

Maximum transparency

of material acceptance

Container services

We offer the right container for each purpose and for all types of metals. Our equipment ranges from small boxes for the disposal of special types of materials up to the 36-m³ Abroll container system. We also use City/Avia containers and skip bins, which are gentle on the customer’s floor during handling – ideal especially for halls.

Basic equipment

  • Net hooks on all sides
  • Option to equip witch controlled cover
  • Possibility of ecological treatment

Safety equipment

  • Lid and rear door lock
  • Rear door locking mechanism
  • Abroll 18, 36 also in the non-permeable variant
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