Demolition and dismantling services

We provide complex disposal of technological units. We will advise you on the appropriate method of disposal (dismantling and demolition), estimate the amount of metal waste and prepare an approximate cost calculation. The disposal itself we will carry out quickly and professionally with maximum regard for work safety and elimination of the risk of accident or injury. We will suggest the right solution for you.

Comprehensive services

for manufacturing businesses

Fast payment guarantee

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Proactive attitude

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State-of-the-art technology

not older than 5 years

Demolition and dismantling services offered:

  • disposal of discarded machinery and entire production parks
  • dismantling of machinery and other technological equipment incl. removal, sorting, and final processing
  • dismantling of wagons and train sets
  • demolition of functional and technological units – demolition of cranes, boiler rooms, production lines, etc.
  • demolition of steel structures and halls

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