Processing of metal waste and scrap

3572 t of processed metal waste every day

The most important area of our activity is the purchase of scrap metal and its subsequent processing. Our company purchases iron and non-ferrous metals through more than 30 establishments throughout the Czech Republic.

How do we process metal waste?

At our plants, we process iron and steel by cutting, high-temperature processes, and pressing. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, lead, zinc, stainless steel, and cables are sorted using a separation line that allows maximum sorting by fraction and efficient removal of impurities.

Modern aggregates

for efficient processing

Establishments with siding

for direct dispatch

Waste processing

in the required types and quality


to the environment

However, the whole recycling process does not end with the purchase of metal waste. In order to recover valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the material we purchase, we need to deploy specialised machinery alongside our scrap metal know-how. The result is recyclable secondary raw materials that are comparable in quality to primary mineral raw materials, but clearly lead in environmental friendliness.

Compared to the use of primary resources, scrap metal, i.e., the recycling of metal waste, represents a significant energy savings: 95 % for aluminium, 85 % for copper and 74 % for steel re-processing.

Zdroj: Bureau of International Recycling

Our metal waste processing equipment includes:

  • 16 hydraulic shearers
  • 12 hydraulic presses
  • 4 beaters
  • separation line

Our handling equipment:

  • 50+ excavators
  • 90+ trucks
  • 1400+ containers
  • 3 crane tracks

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